The MUST Know Secrets to Smashing Recruit
Training Like a BOSS and How to Truly Maximise
Your Chance of Earning Your Green Beret

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I am the Renegade Bootneck and I have scoured my extensive network of Royal Marine friends and colleagues and integrated 15 years experience in Britain’s Elite services to bring you the most up to date and extensive MUST know secrets available NOW!

The Bootneck Blueprint is guaranteed to maximise your chances of passing the most arduous military training in the Western world.

I spent the best years of my life in the Royal Marines and it all started with the PRMC and recruit training. No one will tell you that the Royal Marines selection process is easy… but here is two things I can tell you now…

FACT #1:

Thousands of young men, just like you, apply to join the Royal Marines each year and only 0.01% are successful…

FACT #2:

As the most Elite military force in the world, the Royal Marines continue to attract the cream of Britain’s youth…

So what? So… if you are serious… this is not something you can take lightly or leave to chance The Bootneck Blueprint is guaranteed to significantly reduce the gamble and stack the odds in your favour.


The Bootneck Blueprint is the most comprehensive collection of MUST know secrets about joining the Royal Marines ever created.

It’s split into three essential elements that include:

Know your enemy

Knowledge dispels fear!!! 

Section 1 – Step by step guide to every component of the Royal Marines selection

Section 2 – Unique insider information about the Potential Royal Marines Course.

Prepare the mind

Prepare the mind and the body will follow!!!

How to nurture a commando’s mindset and 6 steps to developing Commando Spirit.

How to gain a head start on the essential knowledge you will require for Recruit Training.

Prepare the body

No bull guide to fitness training for the Royal Marines.

Part 3 will dispel the fitness myths allowing your to train specifically for each stage of the joining process.

Sculpt a Commando physique in the minimum amount of time and effort.

***Learn the hidden secret behind the PRMC direct from the guy that runs it including how to avoid dropping points during the critical areas many potential recruits lose vital points and how to avoid it.



You also get:

A 12 week physical training programme, prepared by Royal Marine Physical training instructors to super charge your Royal Marines physical preparation

Worth £30.00

FREE examples of the reasoning tests that you will need to complete during your joining process

Worth £9.99

Priority slots on all the Bootneck Blueprint conference calls, webinars and Commando Coaching products…


So, How Much Does The Bootneck Blueprint eBook?

When I put this resource together I considered the average salary for a Royal Marines recruit and at over £16,000 a year, this eBook will you an amazing return on your investment.

The average Marine spends 6 years in service which equates to around £100,000… even if you don’t get promoted…

But not only that…

I also thought about JUST what it means to be a Royal Marines Commando and wear the coveted green beret… that feeling is priceless!

So what is it worth..? £100′s?? Maybe even £1000′s…


I have no intention of charging anywhere near the amount you are thinking. The Bootneck Blueprint eBook is usually yours for the price of about 4 pints of beer… just £9.99, but not TODAY!!!

***And let me just point out the obvious: if you get through just one month of training you will receive more than 60 times that amount!***

Should I charge more? I will – but we want to get Bootneck Blueprint eBook into the hands of the people that NEED this information now. You can usually get the Bootneck Blueprint eBook for just £9.99, but not today…

October Only eBook Special Offer –  £6.99








But, even with a discount, I want to show you how serious I am about helping you reach your ultimate dreams.
So I’m going to GUARANTEE you’re completely 100% satisfied with The Bootneck Blueprint or you get your money back.

picYours in pursuit of excellence,

Craig Williams
Author Of The Bootneck Blueprint

The Renegade Bootneck

PS. don’t forget that you get a 100% money back 60 day guarantee. This is a ZERO risk offer!!! Get yours now!!!

"Passing out and earning my Green Beret was the most memorable day of my life… Now I want to help other follow in my footsteps, pass on all the tips and advice I have and can track down and get NOTHING but the cream of Britain’s youth in the worlds most elite fighting force."